Nissei is an established supplier of the following precision,
open gearing products: 


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Nissei Corporation was started in March, 1941 as a spin-off of the Brother Corporation. Nissei’s original role was as a manufacturer of precision machined components for Brother sewing machines. Nissei Corporation evolved by the mid-1950’s to become one of the largest manufacturers in the world of fine-pitch gears. By the mid-1960’s Nissei had grown again to encompass the manufacturing of die castings. These technologies and know-how were subsequently combined in the production of a broad range of gearmotors. Today, Nissei Corporation is comprised of the Gear Products Division, producing two million gears per month and the Transmission Equipment Division, producing gearmotors and gear reducers.

Nissei Corporation of America was established in 1995 to provide direct sales and application engineering support to customers who had previously known Nissei only through a trading company. Nissei Corporation of America also provides a warehouse service and supply chain management based on customer periodic forecasts.

Our large production capacity and tooling inventory allows Nissei to respond quickly with prototype parts, typically within six weeks ready to ship from order placement. Full documentation, as requested by our customers, is provided with each shipment. Such documentation may include GR&R studies, Cpk data, Full Piece Inspection reports and heat treatment reports.

Modern metrology equipment provides the means to control quality, to document quality and to troubleshoot. Nissei’s Gleason No. 554 Single Flank Roll Tester, one of a small number in the world, is equipped with rotary encoders and a computer analysis package. Rolling quality can be observed and its’ characteristics measured and compared independently in “forward” and “reverse” operation. The parts operate with backlash at the housing mounting locations, duplicating closely the actual assembly conditions. The rotary encoders determine how accurately the gearset delivers uniform angular motion transmission. The errors are treated mathematically by the computer to determine the frequency and magnitude of the associated velocities and accelerations, of interest for noise and vibration quality.

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**Nissei is one of few manufacturers in the world who has developed manufacturing and application know-how for High Ratio Hypoid (HRH) gearing. The HRH is a modified hypoid that can be used in ratio's up to 1:360. Nissei uses the HRH in their gear motor products and has manufactured the HRH for OEM applications in hand power tools and automotive steering systems. The HRH is a more compact and more efficient alternative to the worm gear.