Nissei Corporation of America

Nissei Corporation of America was established in 1995 to provide direct sales and engineering support to U.S. and European customers who had previously known Nissei only through trading partners. We also provide a warehouse service and JIT inventory management based on your periodic forecast.

Due to Nissei's large production capacity and tooling inventory we can usually respond promptly with prototype parts, typically within six weeks ready to ship from your order placement.

Nissei Corporation

Nissei Corporation was started in March 1941 as a spin-off of the Brother Corporation. Nissei's original role was manufacturer of precision machined components for Brother sewing machines. Nissei Corporation has evolved to become one of largest gear manufacturers in the world manufacturing fine-pitch gears by the mid-1950s and die castings by the mid-1960s. These technologies and know-how were then combined in the production of gearmotors. The Gear Products Division, producing two million gears per month, and the Transmission Equipment Division, producing gearmotors and gear reducers, comprise Nissei Corporation today.